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Hello. My name is, Unique. I'm a wife and a mother.

I started photography "professionally" in 2011.

My Fiance at the time (now husband) bought my first Canon Rebel camera kit as an anniversary gift in 2009. I promised him I would learn my camera from front to back but... I didn't. It sat in the box for a few months and when I finally decided to take it out for use I used it in "auto" settings for a whole year. (What is "auto" settings: just like your regular point-and-shoot digital camera. You know, the camera you just toss in your purse.)

Once I started learning my camera in manual settings I knew, there was much much more to photography then I thought.

From that moment on I would rush home everyday from my 8-5 job and hop right to my computer to edit.

Years went by and here I am now. A wife, a mother, and a full-time photographer :)